What is Canoe Journey

It is an annual Native American traditional canoe gathering that takes place along the west coast of Washington & Canada.

Click Here to read the statement from Puyallup Tribal Council Chairman Bill Sterud.

Carrying a Canoe

The name of it this year is Power Paddle to Puyallup and the theme we have is "Honoring our Medicine."

July 28th, 2018 is the landing day. That is when all the canoes that have traveled and registered will land in Puyallup and ask to come ashore. Dinner will be served that night & protocol will follow and go on for the next 7 days. Protocol will go all day from about 9am - midnight non stop. That is where the canoe families have a chance to share their songs and dances.

In 1989 Emmett Oliver revitalized the centuries old tradition of canoeing by organizing the “Paddle to Seattle” as part of Washington States centennial ceremony. His dedication of launching this revival of tradition now continues more than a quarter century later as is now known as Canoe Journey.

Tribes up and down the west cost come together each year to celebrate this event.

At each point in the map is a stop in which the tribe or band will host the canoe journey for 1-2 days.

During that time they will provide food, camping, and protocol or jam sessions.

Canoe Journey Paddlers Coming Ashore